G3 Fitness
G3 Fitness is Okotoks’ premier one-on-one personal training studio that does so much more than get you in shape. “G-3” refers to Gary Piper’s philosophy of Training, Nutrition, and Recovery in balance to create an environment for optimal progress, and optimal success. We believe that being “Physically Fit”, goes beyond how you look. When your body is physically fit you have more self-confidence, more energy, and are less prone to stress, depression, anxiety, heart failure, and many other diseases and illnesses. G3 Fitness will give you the knowledge, motivation, and support you need to achieve your fitness goals… without the distractions or the audience.

We offer personal training sessions that are specifically designed for you. Whether you want to run your first 5K, compete onstage, or you just want to FEEL and LOOK BETTER, G3 Fitness can help you get there. By offering nutritional advice and meal plans that work with your training sessions, we can maximize the benefit you receive from your training and speed up your progress.

Gary Piper
Gary started his fitness journey in 1984 by training to rehabilitate injuries that he sustained in a motorcycle accident. He quickly realized how great training made his body look and feel, and he wanted to share this with others. In 1989 he began working in the fitness industry and soon after obtained a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. Being a personal trainer has allowed Gary to help people of ALL AGES and ALL FITNESS LEVELS. High level athletes; competitors in fitness, figure, or bodybuilding; stay-at-home moms and weekend warriors, G3 Fitness can help you all! Gary’s passion has also brought him in front of large audiences as a motivational speaker and mentor, helping educate the general public or school age children about the benefits of fitness. Gary’s more recent challenge has now brought his knowledge, his experience, and his motivation with G3 Fitness to Okotoks!