Kate Maciejowski

Kate1This might be a bit long winded for a testimonial, but it’s hard to put into words the gratitude I feel.  :o)

Training at G3 Fitness has become an integral part of my life. The knowledge, patience and motivation Gary provides have been key to my success.  Having had an extremely sedate childhood due to Perthes Disease, with little to no childhood sports or physical education I have always felt somehow “broken”. I started my fitness journey  around my 40th birthday, when a short walk with my kids left me in such pain that I didn’t know how on earth I could continue, let alone keep up with them. This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

Kate2I started working with Gary in July 2012 with a goal of improving my mobility and strength.  My bad hip, and other injuries, would make Gary’s task much more challenging.

In the past year we have focused on good form, safe progression, and finding a balance to challenge my body without aggravating my pre-existing injuries.  Gary’s workouts always push me. He humours my moaning and complaining, and encourages me to dig deep and find inner strength when fatigue kicks in. He is quick to correct or adjust an exercise if it causes discomfort, and always takes time to ask how a previous workout felt.

Over the last year I have become the fittest I have been in my life. I am able to exercise with my family and keep up with ease. I have medical concerns, but I don’t feel “broken” any more.   It still surprises me when people approach me for fitness advice or to comment on my new physique….  I love it. I would recommend G3 Fitness to anyone in a heartbeat because Gary takes great care of his clients.  This has been a life altering journey, and Gary has been the best guide ever!