Kris Schillinger

Kris1I met Gary for the first time about 5 years ago. I was a scrawny kid with no real sense of how to properly train. I stopped in at a gym to grab a protein shake and asked if I could speak to someone about putting on some good quality weight. That’s when I met Gary.  Gary gave me the tools to do get results; but I didn’t take the step to actually train with him.  I took his advice and actually put on 10 pounds and finally achieved 155 lbs!

Over the next four years I struggled to maintain a proper diet and exercise regimen. I got lucky one day in October 2013, when this big guy sat down beside me at a restaurant and I recognized it was Gary.  I told him the advice he gave me was good, but I was only able to press “so far”.  I was 158 lbs (the before photo), and still struggling to keep my weight up, not doing my exercises properly, and most importantly not getting the results I wanted.  Gary gave me a card and offered me a chance to come check out his new private personal training studio, and the rest is history. I signed up that night and officially joined G3 Fitness.

Kris2Training with Gary has been great!  I don’t feel like a client, but he treats me like a friend.  I gave him my goals and he did a bunch of science mumbo-jumbo stuff to figure out my starting point.  He asked ME what I wanted to get out of my training, and we decided what direction we were going to go with my training.  I told him I was working towards law-enforcement and needed to prepare for the PARE (Physical Activity Requirements Examination) and that I wanted to get my weight up to 175 lbs.  Gary helped me with my diet and told me exactly how much protein and what foods I needed to eat each day.   Fast forward 2 months and my weight is up to 178lbs.  A 20 pound gain!  I’m now over 180lbs and every time I reach a goal, I set new ones and Gary makes arrangements to help me achieve them!

If you’re looking to lose weight or are a scrawny guy like me; the expertise and coaching style of Gary at G3 Fitness is perfect for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals. Just check my photos. Gary got me to where I wanted to be and how he’s helping me get so much more! A big shout out to Gary… he’s a blessing for the amateur and the experienced trainer. The after photo was taken by Gary February 18th, 2014 five months after starting.

The G3 way is for everyone: GO HEAVY, GO HARD, GO EAT!