Leah Grafton

I had been working out on and off for some 25 years and was a bit skeptical about hiring a trainer, but I wanted results.  I didn’t even realize I needed a trainer until after I got one, but I’ve been training with Gary for over a year now.  As a busy working mom, it is challenging to fit everything in, but Gary makes me work out smarter so that I’m not wasting my time and my results have been awesome!  He also helps me with nutrition and I lost inches and body fat and started to get the body shape I was looking for within the first few months.  The best part about working out with Gary is how fun it can be and I actually enjoy my workouts now!  I even look forward to training with him at 6am, although my face doesn’t show it.  I highly recommend Gary for his knowledge, hard work, dedication and just plain fun!  I couldn’t have gotten these results without him!