Patrick & Maria Arnell

ArnellResults…you’re not kidding!!!

Well…growing older is a reality, but we hope Gary can help slow it down… the “clock” that is. That darn clock unfortunately has a lot to do with muscle loss, reduced flexibility, sagging (argh… we hate that one!) etc. etc. etc. This is not our first time in the training department, but training with Gary is the best we have experienced!  Above all, it’s his enthusiasm and very genuine desire to help!!! All backed up with years of experience, an applicable university education, many additional training courses and literally thousands of hours in the gym. Gary has an extremely in-depth knowledge of muscle movement and connectivity, plus he really understands nutrition and how to work both these aspects into RESULTS.  We highly recommend Personal Training at G3 Fitness, you will not be disappointed!!  Also, because Maria & I have separate day jobs and miss each other, we get to train together with Gary and its works out very well. J  We would be happy to talk to anyone if you have specific questions.