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Through years of studying, and 1000's of test cases, science has shown that the key to long-term weight loss comes down to THREE PILLARS: 1. Metabolic Training. 2. Specific Nutrition. And 3. Ongoing Expert Accountability. Many programs have one or two, but very few have all three. That's just one more area where G3 Fitness can help you win at weight loss.

  1. METABOLIC TRAINING. Many men have unknowingly been able to lose weight more quickly that women, and the reason for that is muscle! Metabolic Training will help you lose weight quickly with exercise that is scientifically designed to build muscle, raise your metabolism, and burn fat. Muscle burns about three times more calories per day than fat, so let's get your fat burning engine revving!

Don't panic! You don't need to be a bodybuilder to take advantage of this. Every little bit of muscle you gain will help to raise your metabolism, lower your fat stores, and give you that 'toned' look that so many people desire.

MAIN POINT: You need to build lean muscle to burn fat...and if you diet without resistance training, you will DECREASE your metabolism instead of increasing it. (this is why the weight doesn't STAY off, aka "the yo-yo")

  1. CUSTOM NUTRITION. the key to sustainable weight loss is being able to enjoy what you eat (and have it designed just for you) so that you can do it forever. When it comes to dieting for weight or fat loss, you've likely tried it all at some point: ...cut carbs, cut fats, cut protein, cut veggies, cut salt, fun, love, rainbows, and everything else, don't eat after 7PM... AND NONE OF IT EVER STUCK.

You See...it's not about what you CUT, but rather about what you INCLUDE. In order to get the best results possible, the way you eat needs to be SUSTAINABLE!

  1. Specific to your goal
  2. Specific to you
  3. Enjoyable
  4. Easy to follow
  5. Easy to prepare
  6. Easy to shop for
  7. Easy to cook
  8. Easy to live life (be social)
  9. Easy to travel with (so vacations don't ruin it)

Because at the end of the day, if you only stick with this for a short time and then go back to your old eating habits... then you'll do a complete 360° turnaround and go right back to being the way you were before you started.

MAIN POINT: No, it ain't DONUTS for breakfast, DONAIRS for lunch and DRIVE-THRU'S for dinner... BUT this program WILL give you exactly what you need to get the body you've always wanted,

AND make it simple to do it.

  1. ONGOING, EXPERT ACCOUNTABILITY. the one thing that 100% of Olympic athletes have, that regular folks have been tricked into believing they can succeed without. At the end of the day, we can have the best TRAINING PROGRAM science can give us, backed with the most personalized, easiest, most enjoyable NUTRITION PLAN in the world... but if you don't follow it then NOTHING is going to happen!

Which is why if there's one part of this 3 PILLAR approach that we really specialize in, it's ACCOUNTABILITY COACHING.

First, what Expert Accountability is NOT:

  1. you on your own
  2. or a fitness app
  3. or you and your best friend promising to hold each other accountable but never actually following through on it

Research and testing have shown that MULTIPLE LAYERS of accountability are necessary in order to change thoughts and patterns of behavior for permanent FITNESS success.


LEVEL #1 – Social Accountability: YOU NEED: an exclusive group of people facing the same struggles and obstacles as YOU are, starting WITH you and walking "shoulder to shoulder," sharing tips, tricks, encouragement and to build relationships you'll come to rely on to help you see it through

LEVEL #2 – Mentor Accountability: YOU NEED: the benefit of our "Alumni Challengers." With our program, you will instantly join a massive group of people who've BEEN THROUGH the journey you're about to begin. ...it's like having your own personal group of cheerleaders/mentors.

LEVEL #3Coaching Accountability: YOU NEED: your own Expert Accountability Coach who has helped countless people through the exact same process... making plateaus and being "stuck" a thing of the

Past! Your Expert Coach will offer tips and tricks, help keep you focused and on track...and know which nutrition adjustments and small tweaks to make to get your results flowing again.

Which is why we provide all 3 Levels of Accountability. Weight loss at G3 Fitness isn't about starving yourself, and it really isn't about limitation. It's about abundance and eating towards a goal. We want you to fuel your body, and to use newfound energy to move your body and get the results you want!

MAIN POINT: There's a reason that professional athletes all have coaches... and there's a reason you haven't been able to hit your goals on your own. You NEED the accountability of a professional